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Al Waqf Lil-Hayah

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The 'Al Waqf Lil Hayah' programme or literally paraphrased as Lifetime Investment Scheme is a unique programme based entirely on Syariah Principles, brought into existence and spearheaded by Islamic Aid Malaysia (IAM) in its effort to raise funds to help finance the construction of Islamic Aid Malaysia’s Residential Complex for Orphans and the Poor which is located in Mukim Temin, Kubang Pasu, Kedah.


This is essentially a charity or ‘endowment for life’ project aimed at encouraging Muslims to practice virtuous religious attributes. Waqf is one of the ways of worship or a way to draw closer to Allah (Taqarrubilallah) through the endowed wealth for benevolence and charitable acts or purposes. Al-Waqf Lil Hayah is on the other hand, a religious endowment programme or "special endowment" offered by Islamic Aid Malaysia to the public at large worth RM50 per sq ft that can be to all intents and purposes, owned by Muslims which will later transfer and endow those properties to Islamic Aid Malaysia for the construction of Residential Complex and Hostel in the state of Kedah that will benefit all orphans and the poor in the surrounding area.


This programme is open to members of the public who would be interested to join in and participate. Through this programme, muslims in particular can make religious endowment for themselves and also for family members, relatives or individuals who have already died.


One of the special features of the Al Waqf Lil Hayah, i.e. a religious endowment programme organized by Islamic Aid Malaysia is that muslims can easily buy waqf online via its readily available website at anytime, and cross-check the amount of already purchased waqf as well as make new purchases or add to their existing waqf regardless of where they are or anywhere they reside.


As what has been indicated and described earlier on, pull your finger out then, come along and grab this golden opportunity to collect supplies and stocks as part of our preparation for the hereafter and for the most part, through the Al Waqf Lil Hayah programme. Come together and start Pouring Love and Radiating Hope through Al Waqf Lil Hayah, the magnanimous programme initiated by the Islamic Aid Malaysia (IAM).